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Alloy Wheel RefurbishmentOver the years what was initially a handful of customers seeking powder coating for motorbikes, alloy wheels, rocker covers and various engine bay parts, word has spread to the stage where we realised that there was enormous potential to develop this further and add an extra string to our bow. One of the things that has been mentioned to us over and over again by our customers was that they didn't know where to get alloy wheels & bikes refurbished. In developing the process further we sought the expert assistance from a company in South Africa which has been manufacturing and powder coating wheels for Mercedes Benz. Although it was no surprise, it was very reassuring to know that we had matched the process of one of the giants in alloy wheel painting. All stages of our process from start to finish is perfomed in house and under our total control.

Our process is as follows:
    Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Dipping & Stripping
  • Hot Water Jet Washing
  • Fine Bead-Blasting
  • Etch Priming
  • Base Coat Powder
  • Top Coat Finish
  • Stoved

This has undoubtedly lead to us leading the way and becoming number 1 in Ireland in the alloy wheel & bike restoration business. Tallaght Powder Coatings aim is to provide a first class service to all that seek satisfaction guaranteed refurbishment work.

For all enquiries regarding alloy wheels & bikes contact Jeff Bibby our Production Manager and specialist in the restoration department. Jeff has been with the company for 10 years now having joined us from the motoring & racing company called F1 Chelsea in London.