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The Irish Vintage Magazine, December 2009
Modified Motors - Issue 73. February 2010
Bike Buyers Guide, Issue 73 - page 56
Bike Buyers Guide, Issue 73 - page 57

Just picked up my lovely rim's earlier from T.P.C. fair play to the lads, there the nuts.
Chris Gray - Biker.ie member - 2009

Over the years we have come across many enthusiast who have used and recommended T.P.C and their work has appered on our pages a few times with feature vehicles and on the day of our visit there was a huge varity of parts being restored with a Porsche 911 having just had it's wheels restored. Their colourful trade stand has certainly stood out at many of the vintage car shows this year, thanks to varity of brightly coloured and restored wheels.
Andrew Pollock - Irish Vintage Scene - 2009

Savage Work they do Big thanks to the lads at Tallaght.
Iano - Dublin - 2009

As we entered the premises we were greeted by a pristine Mercedes SL600, which had just had its wheels powdercoated. The results were astonishing, it looked like it had just rolled out the showroom on fresh rims.
Justin Delaney - Modified Motors Magazine - 2010

Big Thanks...... to the lads at T.P.C for the alloy wheel refurbisment. They look stunning, like brand new wheels.
P1 Impreza - Ireland - 2010

Hey guys,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the bike that you restored for my Dad.
As noted it was bought in 1950 in the colours that you have since painted. My father, Denis Murray paid what he says was "about four weeks wages" for it, as it was fairly top of the range stuff at the time, and was built with Reynolds 531 light-weight steel tubing. Denis lived in Galway for a while back then and used to "commute" home to Dublin at the weekends on the bike! He later worked in Carlow and occasionally took a spin home during the week in addition to the weekends. One can only image what the roads were like then! Eventually the bike was given to his cousin, who raced the Rás on a number of occasions and may have used the bike, although we're not 100% certain. Later it passed to another relative who positively neglected it. Denis (my father), "repossessed" it, having seen it rusting away in the relatives garden. It then passed to my sister who commuted to work on it for a few years, and then to my brother, who stripped it down, sprayed it blue and rebuilt it, sometime around 1983/4. He then commuted on it for years. In the late 1990's I stripped it down, touched up the paint and again rebuilt it, and gave it back to my brother but it was little used apart from a charity cycle in west Cork in July 2010. This year it will again see action, in its restored state (apart from the brake levers - which are modern and will be replaced with vintage ones), in the same West Cork charity cycle (80km). Not bad for a 62 year old bike newly restored by your good selves !
Donal Murray - Bike enthusiast

To all at TPC
My wheels turned out top class I'm so happy with them, amazing job. I am away to Liverpool on Friday to a vintage show and looking forward to seeing the look on faces when they see them on the car as these just cant be got anywhere. you might even get some enquiries from across the water !!
Really amazing job ..... Keep up the good work lads
Ger Brogan - Satisfied customer

I first heard about the lads in Tallaght Powder Coating through a friend of mine, I had for many years been going over to England to get things powdercoated at huge cost and effort, as I had the belief ( after a few painful experiences ) that it just couldn't be done in Ireland to the standards that I required. Needless to say it was real pleasure to recieve my first job back from TPC a beloved classic Norton Triton that when I'd finished putting back together looked liked it had rolled of the factory line. All the work I've had done since, by the lads in Dublin has been nothing short of fantastic. A great service and great attitude to the workthey undertake.
Angus Watts - Tipperary